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When Gallantry was Commonplace

Welcome to the 320th Bomb Group website. This site is dedicated to those who served in the 320th Bomb Group in World War II. The site chronicles the history of the 320th. Here you will find remarkable stories about a group of extraordinary men. The members of the 320th have a proud legacy. When reviewing the contents herein, you will be looking at a time when gallantry was indeed commonplace.

320th veterans will find this site a way to keep in touch with old friends. Please check out the activities of the 320th Reunion Association on this site. The most recent as well as past issues of the Boomerang News, the 320th newsletter, can be found here as well.

The 320th flew the Martin B-26 Marauder, one of the most sophisticated aircraft of its day. On the site, one can learn more about the B-26 Marauders of the 320th. There is also a section dedicated to the B-26 Marauder in general.

Families of 320th veterans will find this a resource to learn more about their loved one's contributions. Offered on the site is an ever expanding photographic archive and downloadable 320th Bomb Group documents in PDF format.



New to the Site

Mission Summaries now 100% complete


     Every single Mission Summary for the 320th B.G. is now available on the site. It amounts to 5,579 pages of information. Nearly all indicate the crew members for each mission. The summaries are in PDF format and can be viewed directly on the site or downloaded and printed. In addition, 1,065 strike/bomb plot photos can be viewed as well.

     A special thanks goes out to Mary Reisdorf who assisted in obtaining these documents from the National Archives and Joe Seiley who assisted in cleaning up the pages to make them more legible. Each has volunteered literally hundreds of hours of time to the project. Job well done!!


Missing Air Crew Reports


     All forty (40) Missing Air Crew Reports (MACR) for the 320th can now be downloaded directly from the site in PDF format. In addition, there are direct links to GoogleEarth that show the precise location of the aircraft/crew loss. The GoogleEarth links also have a narrative description giving an account of the loss and the disposition of the crew members. The MACRs can be accessed on a link found at the bottom of both the Memorials/KIA and POWs pages.






A majority of the targets for the 320th have been mapped using GoogleEearth. Often the actual bridge or Marshalling Yard can be viewed with exquisite precision. The technology is amazing and is sure to impress. Go to the mission lists on this site. If you see the icon associated with a specific mission on the Mission List, the target has been plotted. Over 400 missions have been pinpointed. Compare the GoogleEarth image with the actual strike photo. To use this feature of the site, you will need to install GoogleEarth on your computer. It is a free download. For more information about GoogleEarth, a link to download the program, as well as couple of tips Click here.



- New Stories -

The Story of my Military Service with the 320th


by Benton B. Banchor (442)
dot_clear.gif - 43 Bytes
11 November 1941, Benton Banchor was drafted into military service. He tested into the Army Air Corps and soon was on a journey to North Africa via the Southern Route. In his narrative he describes the flight across the Southern Atlantic and his experiences thereafter


The 320th ROSTER has been reformatted and expanded


The 320th Roster now lists ALL men known to have served with the 320th B.G. during WWII. 2,637 men are listed. Previously, only extant members had been listed with those being deceased listed on the Memorial Pages. This is the most comprehensive list we have ever published. If you or your loved one is not listed, let me know and I will make the addition. Please as well with any correction.






    Comments about this site are encouraged. If you have any additions and/or corrections, please contact me.

    Material to add to this site is sought after. We are constantly looking for:

      Artifacts (calendars, notes, postcards, letters,documents, patches, and the like.)

    Please send in your pictures, negatives, or slides so that we can add them to the digital archive and place your pictures on this site. Because photos are of the most sentimental and cherished (and non-replaceable) of items be assured that they will be handled very carefully. All photos and other original items will be SENT BACK to the sender as soon as processed. Please include identification data (date location, names, etc...) on a separate sheet of paper (not on the back of the photo).

    Please send to:

      Dr. Franz Reisdorf
      11450 Irish Avenue
      Stillwater, MN  55082

    Mailing tips: Please package your mailing carefully with a cardboard backing insert as support. Write Do not Bend on the envelope.


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