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The following seventy-six 320th Bombardment Group Members were detained as prisoners of war




Joseph R. Armstrong

Jerome Banicki

William L. Barker

Albert C. Bracke

Howard A. Brewer

Clarence V. Brien

Henry J. Brosi

Albert O. Bulow

John F. Calnan

James T. Carraher

Martin T. Carson

Blake Chilton

Curtis S. Church

Robert E. Clark

Truman C. Cole

Gilbert S. Corona

Herbert F. Corson

Robert B. Currie

Alfonso G. De Casaus

Vincent T. De Luca

Joseph T. De Marco

Norman H. Derau

George P. Drevas

John C. Edwards

Rudolph W. Farmer

Edgar L. Fendrich

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Justin F. Foss

William J. Gardner

Fred O. Gearing

Albert A. Giuffre

Mitchell Gormanous

William G. Griner

Thomas G. Hammond, Jr.

William P. Hancock, Jr.

Paul J. Heinberg

Francis B. Hendrix

Phil Hughes

Charles W. Kleinschmidt

Harold F. Konvalinka

Jesse W. Largent

Neal W. Lidicker

James R. Logsdon

Milton L. Lott

Paul A. Louis

Raymond D. Martz

Joseph C. McCray

L. W. McDaniel, Jr.

Francis S. Meeker

Carl E. Meyer

Robert H. Nealy

Robert L. Orr


Robert T. Patterson

Paul L. Perkins

John W. Pidcock

Donald L. Purdy

Max Rickless

Ambrose J. Riley

Elton E. Robinson

George R. Rolfe

Donald G. Roper

Wilton T. Rucker

Adrian V. Salet

Vernon C. Schulz

Arthur D. Seabloom

Gerald L. Smith

Edwin J. Soniat

Worth M. Speed

Irvin R. Stuhr

William H. Symons

Morris Thompson

Maurice T. Trotter

James W. Vandegrift

Frank J. Walker

James P. Wilson

Leonard Wolf

Robert S. Woodhurst

Missing Air Crew Reports


The Missing Air Crew Report (MACR) was authorized in May 1943 to record the facts of the last known circumstances regarding missing air crews. The report was prepared by the unit shortly after the aircraft loss, usually within 48 hours, and then it was sent on to Headquarters, AAF.

Click here to see a list of the known MACR reports for the 320th BG.

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