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My father, Dale O. Grice, served with the 441st Bomb Squad , flying many missions with the European Theater.  My parents were divorced when I was very young and I was never able to hear him speak about his service.  I came upon this website on the 65th anniversary of Pearl Harbor.  It is the only thing that comes up when I google my father's name.  He enlisted in July 1943 and was honorably discharged on Sept. 28, 1945. I would love to hear from anyone who knew him or has any memories of serving with him.  He was orginally from Litchfield, Nebraska.

Warm regards,

Jill (Grice) Norwood


[ ]

My name is Patrick DeMarco, and I am the oldest son of Joseph T. DeMarco, who was a member of the 320th Bombardment Group.  He was shot down over Italy 1/21/44.  Thanks to your website, I was able to find the original report of his mission.

I am currently in the middle of transcribing a journal which he kept while he was a POW from 1/21/44 to the end of the war.  In the journal he mentions all the towns that the POWs in his group were marched through.  Since the journal is so old and deteriorating, many of the names of the towns are either smeared, or I cannot decipher his handwriting, and I am asking for any help I can get.

I was wondering if there is anyone - a family member maybe – who has any information concerning the town names.  I can provide a typed copy of what I guessed to be the town names if it will help.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated, and I would be glad to provide a copy of the completed transcription to the Group if it was wanted.

I can be contacted through e-mail.

Once again, I thank you.

Patrick DeMarco


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I am the younger brother of Frank Foulkes, top gunner in the Capt. Frank Carter crew, 443rd. Frank did the sketches for the Boomerang publication. Frank passed away on September 17, 2006, after suffering a heart attack, followed by pneumonia. As a skilled graphic artist, we always enjoyed his creativity in providing a few laughs and memories of what life was like on a B-26 during 1943-44 period. As he and I would have lunch several times a month, our conversation would usually turn to WW II and his experiences. The bonding with the crew, as well as so many others made a profound impact on Frank's life.

J.B. Foulkes

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I am looking for information on my uncle, T/Sgt. Robert Van Johnson.  He served in the 320th Bomb Group, 444th Bomb Sq., 12th Air Force in Sardinia from Dec. 29, 1943 until Aug. 5, 1944.  According to a book I have, The Fighting Men of Texas, he "participated in sixty combat missions over Naples-Foggia, Rome-Arno and in the air offensive of Europe.  He was awarded the Air Medal with six Oak Leaf Clusters, Unit Citation, World War II Victory Medal among other ribbons."

I have some information regarding his training and discharge, but would like to know what plane he flew on and his position on it.  If anyone knew him, please contact me by e-mail.  I am trying to research my family history and am wanting to honor those family members that have served our country.

Unfortunately, he passed away in November 1979 of lung cancer, so I cannot get any information from him.  He married several years after he was discharged and my aunt does not know much about that time of his life.  Any information that anyone can provide would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your assistance!


Ellen E. Nudo


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I am saddened to tell you of the passing of Max Rickless, 88, of Ellenton, Florida, on Oct. 15, 2006. He was born in Rochester, N.Y. and served in the U.S. Army Air Forces as a Navigator in the 441st Bomber Squadron, 320th Medium Bomber Group During WWII, which flew the Martin B-26 Marauder.  You know his history far better than I as he seldom spoke of the war other than to remember friends or talk of a recent reunion.

Max was especially proud of Sylvia, his wife of 60 years, and their two sons.  I met Max through his wife in the 1960s and we became friends.  Max's quiet manner masked his intelligence and compassion for his fellow man.  He almost never spoke of his wartime experiences except saying once that better men than he didn't come home and speaking of it won't change a thing.

Max is part of a disappearing generation of Americans that grew up in the depression and then made a choice to defend our nation without a second thought.  After the war they came home, married, raised families and gave them a home and security with the hope that there would never be another great war.


Steve Phelps


[ ]

You people are great!

I looked through a lot of pictures and found one of my father Charles Moilov. What a blessing; he's been gone since 1985. I have copies of photos and my sister has original. Please contact me. If any one is left from the 443rd I would love to hear from you. My father talked about Ben West who came to see him in Cleveland . Thanks again for the great works. If I can do anything contact me.

Russell Moilov


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Dear Sir:

My name is Tonello Odorico,living in Ala,a small city on the Brenner Pass in North Italy.On 11/05/44 a B-26 plane crashed near Ala city having been shot down by 2 german Me-109s. The plane was hit a few forward its target of Rovereto. I was present at that tragedy and at the capture of an American pilot. I now know that the plane was of 320th, BG 441st BS and SN 43 34396-battle/BN 01. Crew:Truman-Louis-Pidkock(all POW)-Brush-Moore-Mc Mahon-Kramer (all killed). Their poor body were taken to the Cemetry of Ala. I ask gentily of you: Can I have fro you the  MACR #9598 please? Can I be in touch with one of the relatives? Any other information about the incident would be appreciated.

Many thanks-

Tonello Odorico
38061 ALA (TN) Italy


[ ]

I was stationed at March Air Force Base between 1953 -55 in the 320th bomb wing and am looking for a patch for the 320th. I can't remember the squadron names (numbers) that made up the 320th.  We had three squadrons of B-47's.  Can you help me.

Tom Tomey


Dear sirs:

Iam looking for any kind of information concerning with the Liberation in Italy of my native village Cavarzere. I would like to gather aerial photos /videos / B-26 Marauder aircrafts about the bombing of Cavarzere or neighbor locality. Cavarzere is located 40 km from Venice between Rivers PO and Adige, in the Po Valley.

I am doing an exhibition for the Liberation day and we like to remember the special contribution of the allied Army, in collaboration with the City Council of Cavarzere.

Iappreciated your time and attention to this request and thank you in advance.


Giancarlo Tagliati


Can anyone furnish me any information on an aircraft named Judy?  My wife's uncle was on it when it went down on 11-6-44.  There were no survivors.  If anyone can recall a gunner named Willard Dininny assigned to the 444thSquadron we would appreciate any info you can give us.  Thanks.

Mo & Buddy Smith


I have a friend, an Italian Historian, who is interested in getting a photograph or information on “Little Sue,” Tail 95, a 320th BG plane (SN 95785).  Does anyone have any information on that plane?   He is working on a book about aerial combat in Italy during WWII and the book features a story about this plane over Ostiglia.  Any insight would be appreciated.  Thanks!

Court Ogilvie
Arlington, VA


    Dear Court,

    Nice to hear from you.

    If your serial number is correct, 42-95785, the plane was with the 319th bomb group and was lost 26 September 1944. The Missing Air Crew Report (MACR) is 8941.

    One can request a copy of the MACR from the National Archives in College Park,MD:

    National Archives and Records Administration
    Textual Reference Branch
    8601 Adelphi Road
    College Park, MD 20740-6001

    Franz Reisdorf
    320th Historian, volunteer

I recently came across the 320th Bomb Group Website.  My father (James N. Childs) was a pilot in the 442nd.  He passed away this past April 18th, 2006 after a long struggle with Alzheimers at the age of 84.  I was quite excited when I stumbled upon all the history and photos that my dad was a part of.  Thanks for all the hard work you and others did to make this happen.  God Bless America.

Sincerly ,

Joseph N. Childs



I don't know if your BG Members are aware of it, the MAPS Air Museum in Canton, Ohio is restoring a B-26 Marauder. I'd like to invite any of your members to visit the museum if they are in the area. We are working on the fuselage now. The wings are off. It's a labor of love by volunteers. If any of your BG alum are interested in volunteering, sharing their knowledge or experiences we would welcome them.

I'll be passing the word to as many B-26 groups as I can.

The MAPS (Military Aviation Preservation Society) Museum can be viewed at:


Ken Alexander
MAPS Volunteer
Canton, Ohio


Hello to everyone at the marvelous 320th Bomb Group web site.  I have been searching for photos of planes that my dad, George W. Gleason, flew in during his WWII service in the 320th Bomb Group.  He served in the 442nd Bomb Squadron some, but mainly in the 444th Bomb Squadron.  I have located photos of all the planes he flew in with the exception of #76 and #91.  If you have photos of those planes, I would greatly appreciate it if you would email me.  Thank you and God bless!

Donna Guidry

Looking for any information about my father, Joseph D. Jenkinson, who was a member of your unit based out of France.  Photos, tail numbers manifests etc.  Any and all information would be greatly appreciated.

Scott C. Jenkinson


Memorial Day 2006

Thank you all that have served in all branches of the armed services.  We owe a great deal to each one that has put their country as their first priority and made the sacrifices.  A word of thanks cannot be enough for those that are currently serving throughout the world.  We keep each one in our prayers, remember those that are now gone and send our best to the families and friends of those that are not on our soil for this weekend.  For those in harms way, may God bless you and keep you, take care and stay safe.  We support you and are ready to welcome you when come home.

Dad said it was the job of the military to keep our freedoms and the job of the civilians to express them.  I hope that each of us will do that, with our speech, vote and actions.

Leann Larson


I am a friend of someone who knows Tom Wakefield. All I know is he served in Africa with the 320th flying b-26's. I have searched the site and cannot find any info on his activities/crew etc. He now lives in Kentucky and as far as I know always has. He doesn’t talk much about it, but I would love to keep his stories alive Can you help me in any way?

Thanks for your time.

Jeremy Adkins


Maj. James L. McCrory (Lt. Col. Retired) passed away May 5, 2006 at the age of 85. He flew 53 combat missions for the 320th, was shot down over Italy and evaded capture. He returned home, serving 26 years in the military.

Well done, Dad ....

Barry McCrory & Debbie McCrory


Re: 1st. Lt. Royce E. Stephens xxxx607 pilot

    Graduated from Pampa Army Air Field; Pampa, Texas; Class 43G 1943
    KIA 10-dec-44 while flying as co-pilot on a mission over Brenner Pass.

I am trying to put my fathers service together in order to leave my children and grandchildren as complete a picture of the sacrifices my father and so many others made in order for them to enjoy the freedoms that they have today.

My father was sent from Barksdale Field, La to Hunter Field, GA as a replacement. He was assigned a crew and a B-26-G bomber Serial # 43-34382 on 24 July 1944 (FL-716-AT-2) and sent to Morrison Field, FL the next day.

On 28 July 1944 he received order to depart for an undisclosed location overseas from Morrison Field.

I have found the aircraft  43-34382 in the records of the 320th BG; 442 Marauders----BN=39; Serial #= 43-34382; Name= "Jackie"; Disposition = VE (I have not figured out what VE represents). Even though the plane is assigned to the 320th B.G. there is no record of my father or his crew on the roster of the 320th BG. The next time I can definitely know where he is is starting in October of 1944 where he is carried on the records of the 319th BG; 439 BS flying B-26 and in November switching to the B-25.

Can anyone advise me of how I might find the records of duty for him from July 28th until I find him in the 319th?

Thanks for any help you may be able to give me.

Larry M. Stephens


Hi  I’m Russell Moilov the son of Charles Moilov. My Dad didn’t speak much about the War but was proud of his time spent serving with all you great men. He passed in1986. My sister is a private pilot and loves to fly. I keep my feet closer to the ground. I flew with my Dad and sister in a private plane and on the landing we had a flat. My sister listened to Dad and we landed well. I got out and swore only commercial .I am recently writing and putting together a movie about my Dads life. I have been approached by several producers and want to add stories of my Dad and Photos of the 320 Bomb group. I want to include the best years of my father’s life flying with you great men. Id love to add photos of all of you proud Americans! My father is Charles Moilov 320th Bomb group 443. Id like to hear from people who served with him.

Russell Moilov


Would like to know if anyone remembers my father (David L. Davies), who was a SGT. attached to the 441st Bombardment Squadron 320th Bombardment Group. He was overseas from Jan '44 thru Nov '45. He was originally from Tilton, New Hampshire. He was a hydraulic mechanic. I remember him telling me about being in London. He past away this past March, and I would like to hear from anyone who remembers him.

Thank You

Rick Davies

My father recently passed away and I would love to talk with anyone who remembers him.  Lt. Robert Sherwood served w/ the 441, 320th bg starting August 44 after serving as a flight instructor stateside.  Be careful not to confuse him with Lt. Courtney Sherwood who apparently was in the 443.  Especially would like to here from anyone who also has knowledge of Ed Posey or Dick Forsythe.

Doug Sherwood

[ ] 

Re:  Theodore F. Balk, Jr. 443rd Born July 4, 1920   Died July 24, 1943

I am a family member of Theodore's who has done quite a bit of research to find all the information about his service and the crash that ended his life between Italy and Massicault, Tunisia.  It was with a great deal of  satisfaction, relief, and closure that we were able to find more than anyone in the family had known.  This was done about five years ago thanks to web sites like yours and those who were willing to e-mail me and share information on Theodore.  My then husband, who was Theodore's brother, had always wanted to know what happened.  He died shortly after I found the information.

We learned that Theodore was the Co-Pilot of 41-34800, one of the two planes that crashed on the mission.

My new husband and I are taking a trip to Rome and the Mediterranean in May and we have arranged for a trip to the Rome American Cemetery at Nettuno to see the Wall of the Missing where Theodore's name is inscribed along with so many others who lie asleep in the deep.  We also plan to drop flowers into the water when our cruise ship is between Sicily and Naples, near the site of the crash.  This will be a long overdue memorial to a much-loved and missed family member on behalf of my late husband, Theodore's three living brothers, his deceased parents, and his living widow.

Our thanks and gratitude to Victor Tanehill and all the others who have preserved and presented the History of the 320th. It means so much to family.

And God richly bless all of you who served.

Jane Balk Ferko

[ ]

Looking for any information on my father Frank S. Grabowski, 320th BG, 442nd Squad, 12th Air Force.

Lyle Grabowski


My name is Jim Haney, my father, Tom (T.P.) Haney, flew with the 320thbg sq444th.  He was a gunner and flew most missions with Hal Fair.  My father would appreciate hearing from anyone who flew with him in his same squadron, or if anyone knows of a relative or friend who may have flown with him.  We are traveling to Orvieto, Italy and plan to visit a grave site of one of his friends, Ed Noe. 

Jim Haney

[ ]

I am looking for anyone that may have flown or knew my uncle, Mike Rohal, he was with the 320th 442nd. He has passed away and we are trying toget as much information as possible for a shadow box and memory board. I can be reached using email. Mike flew out of north africa as far as we know his service number was 36165033 and may have been radiooperator or gunner, I would appreciate any info that you can provide. Mike was from Ionia Michigan if that helps.............. thanks!!

Dave Sherman


My dad John P. Barber was with 444th and he passed away in 1983. I was wondering if anyone could tell me or how I could what his MO was during his service with 444th? Was he on flight a crew or was he ground support?

Thank You.
John P. Barber, Jr.

[ ]

Can someone please help me out? Trying to locate Crew from 394th Bomb Group/586th Bomb Squadron. I am doing this for Mr. Richard (Dick) Leenhouts, he was in WW2 and also something to do with the Sheboygan Can someone help me out?

Thanks Sandi on behalf of R.H. Leenhouts

[ ]

It is with much sadness that I report the loss of James R. Logsdon. Mr. Logsdon was a pilot with the 444th. On 5 November 1994 his ship was shot down by enemy fighters. He was captured and detained as a prisoner of war at Stalag Luft 3 Sagan-Silesia Bavaria (Moved to Nuremberg-Langwasser) for six months before being liberated.

Franz Reisdorf

[ ]

I am a former member of the 320th Bomb Group, 444th Bomb Squadron.  I was a tail gunner and flew in the squadron in the latter part of the European Theater from November, 1944 to the end of hostilities in May, 1945.

I am trying to determine the name of the Crew Chief of the aircraft that I flew most of my missions in.  The aircraft had been named Miss Arkansas by the crew chief and carried the battle number "88" on the verticle tail. The nose of the aircraft also had Miss Arkansas painted on it along with a painting of a beautiful maiden.

If anyone can furnish this information, I would certainly appreciate hearing from you. Thanks!

Roy Siewert


[ ] 


I am wondering if you could post a message relating to my Grandpa Josef Chabak to your bulletin board.

Josef Chabak sadly passed away in July 2005 after a very long, happy and full life. He was born in Zvolen Slovakia and joined the free Czech 311 Squadron. He was a wonderful man and I always feel so very lucky and honoured to have known him. I have a few pictures of him and other men from his squadron and would be happy to share them with anyone that may have an interest in this squadron. I would also love to her from anyone who may have relatives who may have served with him

Many thanks,

Naomi Wilks Basingstoke, England


e-mail Naomi Wilks Basingstoke (antispam email encoder used)]

As we move into the new year, I encourage all to take a moment to remember the brethren that we lost over this last year. Our thoughts and prayers go out to their families.

Harold Bozell, 443

Frank W. Carter, 443

Norman B. Clark, 443

Myron Nick Dahl, 441

Robert E. Dinwiddie, 441

Gene Fulk, 441

John E. Guedel, 442

Victor Gulliver, 441

Ernest J. Hermann, 442

Arthur Johnson, 444

A. Earl King, 442

Jack A. Kisler, 444

Philip Langman, 441

Harvey Lias, 441

Stelio A. Lovece, 442

William F. Miller, HQ

George R. Rolfe, 442

Bill Ruster, 442

Jim Wagar, 443

Joseph M. Ward, 442

Chuck Wegener, 441

Ben A. West, 443

Wayne M. Wiegert, 442

Whetsel Williamson, 444

Robert J. Willis, 441

Ralph B. Woolf, 442

Wilson L. Vosler, 441

Wilford Voter, 441

Franz Reisdorf, MD on behalf of the 320th B.G. Reunion Association


Copyright(c) 2006 320th B.G. Reunion Association. All rights reserved.


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