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My name is John Simmons. I am currently a Captain with the Mecklenburg County Sheriff's Office. Recently, I lost my Uncle Garland Simmons, a WWII Veteran and survivor of Iwo Gima. In one of his closets I found a box containing pictures and medals received by my Dadís oldest brother, Edward Raymond Simmons. I knew he served in the Air Force during WWII, but did not know much more because he was killed in a boating accident in 1950. That was long before I was born. So, my Uncle and his accomplishments during the war were lost to time. I remember asking questions, but could never get the answers I wanted. I am hoping to change that through this correspondence.

If possible, I would like to communicate with anyone still living or that would possibly have knowledge of my Uncle. Itís very important to me to bring my Uncleís accomplishments to my family so it will never be forgotten again. His military information is:

Edward Raymond Simmons, Master Sergeant
441st Bombardment Squadron
Airplane Flight Chief

Thank you for any help you can give me.

John D. Simmons

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My name is Al Rosser. My Uncle  was in the 320th BG/441st Squadron.  His name  is Harold T.  Waldrop, corporal / eng. gunner. His plane was shot down 13 August 1944 over Toulon, France. The Missing Air Crew Report (MACR) indicates his pilot  was Capt. Hipple and I believe he was in bomber #29. He was shot down over France and escaped via the French Resistance. He passed away a few years ago, but if anyone remembers him or there are any pictures of him - my mother would be very grateful. If any of you knew him or have any stories I would dearly love to hear them and thank you for your service to our country.


Al Rosser

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My father was also in the 320th bombardment group and in the 441st squadron. From his records he served in the 42nd bombardment wing. His name is Joseph T. Heiney. From what I know he was a side gunner on a B26. We have a photo of him standing next to a plane named the Lady Eve. I am not sure whether he flew on that particular plane. While my father told my sister and I some stories he was pretty quiet about the war. We do know he was hurt when a jeep he was riding in went over a cliff (we think in Dole, France). We were wondering if anyone knew my father. We have most of his military papers. We also think he won the Bronze Star when he pulled a Colonel Forsythe (or Fordyce) from a burning plane. I am writing from work and if anyone has information please e-mail me.

Any information will be helpful.Thank you.

Morris Heney

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I know that my dad served in the 320th Bomb Group, 441st Squadron during WWII and would love to learn more about him during that time.  I remember that his pilot was Charles O'Mahoney from Piittsburg, PA.  I would really like to know more.  My Dad passed away in 1985.  He thought the world of his mates during the war.  I know some other names and hope everyone is alive and well.  Let's just see what I come up with.

Jacqueline Murray Ferrara

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My father-in-law, Gene E. Smith, of Gilmer, Texas was a radio operator in the 320th.  I am looking for anyone who may have known him or other radio operators.  I would like to hear your stories.  

Warmest regards,

Greg Berlocher


I would love to find more information, like photo's etc about my dad, John H. Eastburn who served in the 320th bomb group. I am also a retired vet. USAF .

Thanks and God Bless our troops and vets.

David Eastburn
TSGT/ USAF Retired


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