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Headquarters and the 442nd settled at Herzogenaurach, near Nurenberg. The 441st was at Pfreimd near the Czech border; the 443rd at Furth; and, the 444th at a castle near Berghof.

      Collecting Luftwaffe equipment for shipment back to the States was the Group's assignment. For the rest of June and throughout July and into August, teams went out in the field daily to comb their respective areas for high-priority German Air Force material.

      Each team consisted of an officer, a mechanic, an ordinance man, an armament man and an interpreter. Team members rather enjoyed "legitimate looting" and had many interesting experiences contacting former German industrialists and prominent personalities. "Reconnaissance missions" went out for five days at a time, arranging their own accommodations in the field.

      The prayers of millions were answered August 14, 1945.. World War II ended.

      Sports drew enthusiastic participation from the off-duty men that summer. Softball and golf were favorites. There was swimming. But the day program was dull.. mainly card playing and reading. The Clubs got big crowds night after night. That German beer was good! And listening in the sack to the Army's Pioneer Radio Station was popular. Hunting began in the fall.

      Souvenir hunting went on at a furious pace. Fine German cameras became practically nonexistent. Even helmets with the swastika emblem were scarce. Most available for sending home to Mother: Nazi armbands and Luftwaffe caps.

      In September, still more "high point" members of the Group were relieved of their assignments and ordered to AAF/ET Reinforcement Depot to await transportation to the Z of I via the "Green Project." Late in the month, the 444th Squadron moved from Berghof to Herzogenaurach and set up with Headquarters 320th.

      On October 2nd Col. Campbell was transferred to Wing prior to returning to the ZI. He was not replaced.

      With disarmament duties pretty well wrapped up, a number of 320th men were sent to San Quentin, northeast of Paris, and late in the month they sailed for home.

      In November those left in the Group were sent by convoy from Germany to a camp at Clastres, France. Toward the end of the month they boarded ship for Boston. Most went on to Separation Centers and civilian life.

      The 320th Bombardment Group (Medium) was officially deactivated at Camp Myles Standish, Massachusetts, December 4, 1945.

-Text authored by Victor C. Tannehill, Saga of the 320th

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