B-26 Marauder 320th Bomb Group


Memories of My Time With the 320th B.G. During WW II
by Donald Wilson Round, 444th Bomb Squadron


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Hazards of Smoking in a Latrine


An unusual thing happened at the Officer latrine. The latrine had two holes and everyday for sanitation purposes a GI would pour a small amount of gasoline into the holes and then set it on fire. On this day the GI after pouring the gasoline down the holes found that he didn't have any matches so he went off to get some. In the mean time a captain went to the latrine, smoked a cigarette, and threw it down the other hole. This resulted in burnt bottom.

Lt. Burke's Accident



Lt. Burke.
Burke transferred from the Canadian Air Force and was one of my tent mates.

One evening after dark, Lt. Burke entered the house; he didn't look very good. He had an accident on his motorcycle. The natives had dumped a pile of gravel on the roadway. It was so dark he could not see the gravel. Lt. Burke flew over the top of the gavel, but he was able to ride the motorcycle back to the house. He was bruised and his high altitude coat was all in pieces. After he realized that he was better than he first thought he started laughing.(Continued)

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