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  Message from the President




 Jack Haher

In my mind, the absolute highlight of the St. Louis, 320th Bomb Group Reunion was the attendance and the inclusion by us of those members  of the 319th and the 17th Bomb Groups (WWII) and the 17th and 452nd Bomb Groups (Korea).

These veterans, along with their spouses and family members, participated fully in all meetings and extracurricular functions. My reason for emphasizing this fact is that if our reunions are to continue for any length of time, we must have the support on not only the WWII veterans, but also the support of our younger warriors lead by Korea veteran, Ted Baker.

For those who missed this year's reunion, Kent Snyder came through for us again by planning an event with opportunities to gamble, to view absolutely marvelous church art & architecture, great entertainment with a high kicking show by St. Louis' own Rockettes, and a grand tour of historic Jefferson Barracks. Our Group's Secretary, Gail Purtz, not only provided our treasury with valuable funds with her managing our annual arts and crafts auction, but also managing to stay awake for recording the minutes at the Executive Committee meetings.

And to Flight Leader, Dr. Franz Reisdorf, together with Wingman, Joe Seiley - thanks for giving us the world's greatest profile displays of our grand old warbird, the B-26 Marauder!

Franz and Joe, third and second generation, respectively, continue to give valuable leadership and support to our 320th Bomb Group Reunion Association.

Reverend Gerald Raschke provided solemnity, when needed and required.

Your Executive Committee functioned with President Perrine presiding and members Jack Haher, Si Ober, John Lenkiewicz, Alex Brast, Gail Purtz, Elden Hunsberger, Franz Reisdorf, Harry Bacon, and advisors Kent Snyder, Ed Purtz, and Ted Baker in attendance.

The new association officers for the 2007-2008 term are Jack Haher, President, Si Ober, First Vice President, and John Lenkiewicz, Second Vice President.

A special acknowledgment to Rosemary Metzen, who while caring for Past President John Metzen, battling Lymphoma and other medical problems, will continue editing our Boomerang. Guys, please keep sending those cards, articles and emails to Rosemary for future newsletters.

And, last but by all means not least, the biggest and most profound acknowledgment goes to Alex Brast, without whose energy and pure guts -our mission would fail.

-Jack Haher, President

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