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Blue Battlefields

Author: Charles O'Mahony

This wonderful book written by Charles O'Mahony, former 441st pilot, is one of my favorites. It is a story of learning and growing up not only in the cockpit, but also in the world at large. The book is richly documented with color and black and white photos all tied closely to the text. If you were not there, it will let you know what it was like...the humor along with the tragedy. If you were part of it back then, it will bring back a flood of memories. Chuck makes it a point to emphasize that the contents are not just his story, but "our story".

Hardcover: 154 pages
Publisher: Aviation Usk; (January 1, 1994)
ISBN: 0962308064
Availability: Out of print - check eBay or other venues for used books.


The Widow Maker

Author: Charles O'Mahony

Another fantastic book authored by Charles O'Mahony. This book is not about the Marauder per se. Instead, and more importantly, this is about the men that flew her. It is a compilation of "close calls" the author experienced. In the book are narratives describing nine of O'Mahony's missions when he found himself a wing span from disaster.  Ironically, it was the so called  "Widow Maker", that brought him through. Ultimately, the Marauder earned its place in history as having one of lowest combat loss records in WWII.

Softcover: 82 pages
Publisher: Outskirts Press
ISBN: 1432754556
Availability: Available/in print


B-26 Marauder Units of the MTO

Author: Mark Styling

Mark has proven himself once again to be one of the premier aviation illustrators worldwide and a master of his craft. With this latest work, he has shown as well that he is an authoritative historian of the B-26's involvement in the Mediterranean Theater during WWII. His book not only includes many of his acclaimed Marauder profiles, but also myriad archival photos. It is another must have for the  B-26/320th BG aficionado.

Softcover: 96 pages
Publisher: Osprey Publishing; (November 18, 2008)
ISBN: 1846033071
Availability: Available/in print


Boomerang! Story of the 320th Bombardment Group in World War II

Author: Victor C. Tannehill

This is the definitive historical accounting of the 320th bomb group in WWII.
Boomerang chronicles the story, practically day by day, of this MTO Marauder Group. Missions are described and life back at base is detailed. There are also feature stories giving in-depth treatment to subjects like: USAAF training, the Rome and Florence raids, flak, BAT Shoran bombing missions, rest camps, bridge busting tactics, and more.

Hardcover: 304 pages
Publisher: Boomerang Pub.; (June, 1980)
Availability: Out of print - check eBay or other venues for used books.


Saga of the 320th.: A B-26 Marauder Group in WWII

Author: Victor C. Tannehill

A sequel to Mr. Tannehill's, book
Boomerang. Saga of the 320th, has additional photos not included in Boomerang. The book is primarily pictorial, but also includes the history of the 320th although in an abbreviated fashion compared to Tannehill's earlier work. It is a nice complement to Boomerang. It is highly recommended for the 320th aficionado.

Softcover: 78 pages
Publisher: Boomerang Pub.; (1984)
Availability: Out of print - check eBay or other venues for used books.


First TACAF: First Tactical Air Force in World War II

Author: Victor C. Tannehill

Although not specific to the 320th BG, the 320th was for a significant period assigned to the First TACAF. During the last eight months of WW II in Europe, nearly 30,000 US and French airmen served and fought together in a unique organization designated the First Tactical Air Force (Provisional). Its mission was to provide support to the 6th Army Group along the southern front in the ETO. This is an invaluable resource to anyone interested in the topic and another job well done by Victor Tannehill.

Softcover: 156 pages
Publisher: Boomerang Pub.; (1998)
ISBN: 1891570072
Availability: Out of print - check eBay or other venues for used books.


Bonus Time- One Pilot's Story of World War II

Author: William F. Roberts

Bonus time is a true story by William F. Roberts, a combat pilot with the 443rd. This narrative is an account based on personal notes and recollections from WWII. Included are descriptions of combat missions. In addition to memories as an aviator in combat, there are memories of life on Corsica and France. Mr. Roberts shares his feelings of sadness and fear mingled with moments of love and happiness during that tumultuous time.

Softcover: 186 pages
Publisher: Xlibris; (2002)
ISBN: 1401071023
Availability: Available -
Click here to order from Xlibris


The Martin Marauder B-26

Author: Victor C. Tannehill

Yet another fantastic book by - you guessed it - Vic Tannehill. Your B-26 library is not complete if you do not have this book on your shelf. It has all the detail and illustrations that have become Vic Tannehill's trademark. As with his other works, it is written with a certain charm that gives one a real flavor of the background and human emotion related to the topic as well.

Softcover: 132 pages
Publisher: Boomerang Pub.; (1997)
ISBN: 0960590064
Availability: Out of print - check eBay or other venues for used books.

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