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Crash of Cindy II


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This information was provided by Mr. Angelo Baroni, an Italian hobby historian. He discovered the contents below while doing research on the air war over his home town of Casale Monferrato-Piedmont.


He included the Missing Air Crew Report (MARC) that can be downloaded and viewed as a PDF file(click here to view file).


Included below are photos related to the crash of Capt. Hammond's Marauder, Cindy II. The crash occurred 8 November, 1944 at Balzola near Casale Monferrato. The mission was to bomb the railroad bridge at Casale Monferrato, Italy. The aircraft, battle no. 98, sustained a direct hit in the left engine on the breakaway from the target. It slow rolled, then spun toward the ground, recovered for an instant at 500 feet. The aircraft then resumed spin, crashed, and exploded. It was seen burning just North of the target (J-6332). No chutes were seen.


Many of the pictures below taken by Mr. Idro Grignolio, former Regia Aeornautica officer, eyewitness to the crash.

People are Seen Taking Away Plane's Parts







Fascist policeman is taking the shoes from the body of Lt. Belker. Belker's chute can be seen on the plane wreckage.




Marauder Parts





Ceremony at Cemetery of Balzola




Crew Members of Cindy II



Strike Photos



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